Two Oceans Half Marathon

So, I had planned to train for this damn thing (my second Two Oceans half). It was part of my whole get fit for 2012 – lose the fat, get strong and look fabulous – model. Which up until the race day wasn’t really happening full throttle. Boxing at Redemption with Esof was happening twice a week, but that was about it. And I probably did about 3 or 4 training runs in total for the two months prior to the race day.

Running has always been part of my life, due largely to my Dad’s influence. He has numerous ultra marathons, marathons and 21k’s since he started running at 40. I did my first 15k race when I was 13 and have competed at regional levels in cross country and middle distance athletics. A pic from back then:

But that was then; 30 kilograms ago.

So, on all accounts, I was doomed. It was wet & cold, crowded and cramps were abound. But, somehow, I made it. With 6 minutes to spare.

I would like to tackle another 21k and some 15s this year. Lets see how it goes.

A pic from 4am on race morning:

I am not proud of this pic, but I have since lost 7kg’s and therefore am looking slightly less ninja turtle face these days.




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