Out (of pocket) surance – they always get something out

So today I bought a car for R 34k – a Toyota Tazz, 2001, 1.3, in great condition. Yesteday, I was doing some insurance premium / excess quote research and started off with Outsurance, as my girlfriend has been with them for two years now.

I phoned the call centre. Within 30 seconds, I was received by  guy who eagerly proceeded to take me through the long-winded “get a quote” Q&A. It didn’t help that he kept saying “do you understand” at the end of each sentence, and then speedily rapping into the next line like those American commercials with the x, y & zee sold separately; terms and conditions apply. To which I found myself repeatedly replying, “No, I don’t. Please explain”.

The quote came to R 500 or R 600 (or somewhere in between) per month premium with an excess of R 7500 to R 9000 (remember the car is worth R 34k) or R 780 per month premium with an excess of just over R 3k.

I was shaken. He said it was because while using my girlfriend’s car I had been involved in accidents. (So, a lady drove into my girlfriend’s parked car in January; outsurance admitted it was the ladies fault. But I was using it at the time and I get the black mark [even though it’s on Nadine’s policy] & then there was another situation with a burst tire prior to that.)

Shocked: I said the deal does not make any sense. For a car worth R 34k. Seriously?

He then referred me to another option: Simply, its third party insurance (with theft + fire) that he disguised to sound like comprehensive. Trying to get me to buy in on something, he said something like: well if you crash into a tree or something you will have to pay for that. But otherwise, you would be pretty sorted on this option bla bla bla.

I told him I’d call him back in a few minutes. I gathered my thoughts, dialed and gave him my answer: No!

Then Mr mightier than thou, upon realising he had wasted his own time as much as mine, has the audacity to part with a little gem to the affect of: “no one will give you insurance for under R 500 per month with your record”.

Well buddy, I just got:

– full comprehensive for R 275 per month;

– retail payout should damages exceed +-R 34k (Outsurance does market value I am told);

– and a min excess of R 1500.00 or 5% of claim (third party / theft covered in full).

So now my girlfriend has cancelled her Outsurance policy and moved to my new insurer. I told the story to my co-workers and a several are keen on changing and even some of my girlfriend’s co-workers are considering moving too – all away from outsurance.

So, contact me if you would like me to refer you to an awesome insurer (who have handled my other insurance matters for some time now; and who have always made claiming easy and stress-free) and you will find yourself actually getting something out for a change.  My email address is ant [at] alteye.co.za

I am campaigning.



One thought on “Out (of pocket) surance – they always get something out”

  1. Morning Anthony,

    Trust you had a good weekend?

    Thank you for taking my call late Friday afternoon.

    As discussed, your concerns were referred to a Sales Manager and the relevant recourse as well as feedback will be provided.

    Johnny Nel

    Client Relations Manager

    012 336 3645

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