Mr Crack’s first performance: Jolly Roger, 18th May 2012

Friday 18th May 2012 marked Mr Crack & The Plop Gobbler’s first live performance, as a support act for Greg Roux’s High Voltage: A Tribute to ACDC. The gig was held at the Jolly Roger in Plumstead and thanks to hours of promotion on the part of Greg, the venue was filled to capacity (approx 120 people?).

A bit about Mr Crack:

  • I play bass and do vocals; Ryan does guitar and vocals; and Ainz is on drums.
  • Ainz & I formed the band in Jan 2012 as a punk / humour / anything goes band with the emphasis on getting songs written quickly rather thanĀ agonizingĀ of basslines and melodies and lyrics and all the bullshit that slows down the writing, recording and gigging processess
  • Ryan joined at our second practice on guitar / vocals and in a matter of ours we had two songs done and dusted; that’s Zombie Sluts & Major Dad. The first practice saw us covering Informer by Snow & Wonderful Life by Black.
  • Since formation, we have had about 7 practices, resulting in 7 songs, which we performed at the Roger.
  • Mr Crack himself records all of our rehearsals on video – see this YouTube channel.

The gig was a lot of fun. The sound was pretty shocking on stage. The High Voltage guys (Greg, Ainz, Ryan & Ian) were Awesome.

Here are some pics from the night (swiped from Lindsay Garnett’s FB album):

We plan to record 6 or 7 tracks to get on the web and use as a demo and then play for anyone who is willing to see us.













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