Mr Crack Update: 21-11-12

Since my last update in May following our first performance at the Jolly Roger, we have played two gigs: One last minute thing again at the Jolly Roger around the 19th  of October and on 6th November at the Stoep & Swing in Glencairn. The Jolly gig was more of a glorified band practice, considering it was extremely under-attended and that we ended up playing for about 4 hours.  The Stoep gig, which we had been promoted for some time, went well.

In other news:

  • We now have about 12+ songs.
  • We also have some music (kinda) recorded and available at ReverbNation. More coming soon.
  • I also see we have 47 people that like us on Facebook.
  • We will likely be playing New Years Eve at the Stoep & Swing together with High Voltage.

Here are some photos from the Stoep Gig on Nov 6th:



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