Lentil Burgers That Actually Kinda Taste Like Beef

Ok, enough stuffing about. Here it is:

  • Boil a mix of lentils (not the orange ones, which quickly turn mushy) and split peas – 45 minutes works
  • Drain mixture & mash it up real good into a paste
  • Add beef stock or beef soup or bovril or marmite (anything to hide the overt lentil taste)
  • Add peanut butter, seasoning, cayenne pepper & herbs
  • You can also add grated or blended vegetables if you like, such as onions or carrots
  • Cook in Microwave for 3 odd minutes – it should be a thick, malleable paste now
  • Form into burger shapes
  • Dust in flour (you can use any type of flour, wheat free etc)
  • Shallow fry for about 2 minutes each side, preferably in olive oil

My primary motivation for this dish is cost savings (my fridge was empty, I was broke & all I had was lentils and peanut butter). Its extremely cheap to make a lot of it and it tastes good. AND its healthy – crazy.

An alternative to frying them is to put them in the oven on the grill.

My Big Ol Box a Lenils 


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