Hello Peter Complaint: Computer Repair Technologies CRT

It seems the customer is always wrong with CRT.



My laptop stopped working. I took it in to CRT to have it assessed. And to get a quote for my insurance. It turned out the motherboard needed to be replaced. They did this. I collected the laptop last week. Upon returning to the office, we noticed the hard drive cover was missing. Upon switching it on, we realised that keyboard was not working. Furthermore, several screws were missing from under the keyboard as well as several mismatching screws elsewhere. Prior to this service, I have never had a technician work on the laptop since purchasing it. I have called twice. They claim I brought it in without hard drive cover – not true. They claim the mismatching screws were their already. And I received no explanation or apology for keyboard (I had to have this fixed, at my own expense by someone from work).
Aside from the above, dealing with CRT was a nightmare. I was promised call backs that never occurred. I chased a simple report for a week. I had to fight tooth and nail to get any information (to the point of upsetting one of the staff).
My advice to anyone reading: stay far far away from this company.

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