ASP.Net Developers Needed

My overseas client is looking for an ASP.Net developer. The basis is yet to be confirmed.

The ideal candidate will have:

* Experience in ASP.Net MVC 2. MVC 3
* Experience developing web based applications utilising ASP.Net and C#.
* Experience/ exposure with .Net v4.0
* Skills in HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery.
* Strong knowledge of SQL Server and stored procedures.

Please send your CV along with a short description of your experience to me at the contact details on


Mr Crack’s first performance: Jolly Roger, 18th May 2012

Friday 18th May 2012 marked Mr Crack & The Plop Gobbler’s first live performance, as a support act for Greg Roux’s High Voltage: A Tribute to ACDC. The gig was held at the Jolly Roger in Plumstead and thanks to hours of promotion on the part of Greg, the venue was filled to capacity (approx 120 people?).

A bit about Mr Crack:

  • I play bass and do vocals; Ryan does guitar and vocals; and Ainz is on drums.
  • Ainz & I formed the band in Jan 2012 as a punk / humour / anything goes band with the emphasis on getting songs written quickly rather than agonizing of basslines and melodies and lyrics and all the bullshit that slows down the writing, recording and gigging processess
  • Ryan joined at our second practice on guitar / vocals and in a matter of ours we had two songs done and dusted; that’s Zombie Sluts & Major Dad. The first practice saw us covering Informer by Snow & Wonderful Life by Black.
  • Since formation, we have had about 7 practices, resulting in 7 songs, which we performed at the Roger.
  • Mr Crack himself records all of our rehearsals on video – see this YouTube channel.

The gig was a lot of fun. The sound was pretty shocking on stage. The High Voltage guys (Greg, Ainz, Ryan & Ian) were Awesome.

Here are some pics from the night (swiped from Lindsay Garnett’s FB album):

We plan to record 6 or 7 tracks to get on the web and use as a demo and then play for anyone who is willing to see us.













Out (of pocket) surance – they always get something out

So today I bought a car for R 34k – a Toyota Tazz, 2001, 1.3, in great condition. Yesteday, I was doing some insurance premium / excess quote research and started off with Outsurance, as my girlfriend has been with them for two years now.

I phoned the call centre. Within 30 seconds, I was received by  guy who eagerly proceeded to take me through the long-winded “get a quote” Q&A. It didn’t help that he kept saying “do you understand” at the end of each sentence, and then speedily rapping into the next line like those American commercials with the x, y & zee sold separately; terms and conditions apply. To which I found myself repeatedly replying, “No, I don’t. Please explain”.

The quote came to R 500 or R 600 (or somewhere in between) per month premium with an excess of R 7500 to R 9000 (remember the car is worth R 34k) or R 780 per month premium with an excess of just over R 3k.

I was shaken. He said it was because while using my girlfriend’s car I had been involved in accidents. (So, a lady drove into my girlfriend’s parked car in January; outsurance admitted it was the ladies fault. But I was using it at the time and I get the black mark [even though it’s on Nadine’s policy] & then there was another situation with a burst tire prior to that.)

Shocked: I said the deal does not make any sense. For a car worth R 34k. Seriously?

He then referred me to another option: Simply, its third party insurance (with theft + fire) that he disguised to sound like comprehensive. Trying to get me to buy in on something, he said something like: well if you crash into a tree or something you will have to pay for that. But otherwise, you would be pretty sorted on this option bla bla bla.

I told him I’d call him back in a few minutes. I gathered my thoughts, dialed and gave him my answer: No!

Then Mr mightier than thou, upon realising he had wasted his own time as much as mine, has the audacity to part with a little gem to the affect of: “no one will give you insurance for under R 500 per month with your record”.

Well buddy, I just got:

– full comprehensive for R 275 per month;

– retail payout should damages exceed +-R 34k (Outsurance does market value I am told);

– and a min excess of R 1500.00 or 5% of claim (third party / theft covered in full).

So now my girlfriend has cancelled her Outsurance policy and moved to my new insurer. I told the story to my co-workers and a several are keen on changing and even some of my girlfriend’s co-workers are considering moving too – all away from outsurance.

So, contact me if you would like me to refer you to an awesome insurer (who have handled my other insurance matters for some time now; and who have always made claiming easy and stress-free) and you will find yourself actually getting something out for a change.  My email address is ant [at]

I am campaigning.



Hello Peter Complaint: Computer Repair Technologies CRT

It seems the customer is always wrong with CRT.

My laptop stopped working. I took it in to CRT to have it assessed. And to get a quote for my insurance. It turned out the motherboard needed to be replaced. They did this. I collected the laptop last week. Upon returning to the office, we noticed the hard drive cover was missing. Upon switching it on, we realised that keyboard was not working. Furthermore, several screws were missing from under the keyboard as well as several mismatching screws elsewhere. Prior to this service, I have never had a technician work on the laptop since purchasing it. I have called twice. They claim I brought it in without hard drive cover – not true. They claim the mismatching screws were their already. And I received no explanation or apology for keyboard (I had to have this fixed, at my own expense by someone from work).
Aside from the above, dealing with CRT was a nightmare. I was promised call backs that never occurred. I chased a simple report for a week. I had to fight tooth and nail to get any information (to the point of upsetting one of the staff).
My advice to anyone reading: stay far far away from this company.

2012 Training Regime

Since my teens, my weight has fluctuated. Throughout my adult life, I have been overweight, largely due to a potent appetite and erratic meal times,  an inconsistent exercise routine and of course, lots and lots of beer. Despite all this, I have always been into fitness – long distance running (10, 15 and 21k races), weight lifting and more recently boxing.

In 2012, I want to take things to the next level. I am 30 next year. I am running my 3rd Two Ocean Half Marathon in April this year. And if I don’t keep fit, boxing class will cripple me.

This training routine was formulated to provide a fitness base for boxing and long distance running as well as to accelerate weight loss and strength gain. It runs hand in hand with a meal plan that I will outline at the end.

Weekly Training Breakdown

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

  • 5 AM: Boxing Fitness
  • 1 PM: 5KM Run
  • 6PM: Weight Training

Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • 5 AM: Boxing Fitness
  • 6PM: Boxing Class (Redemption)


  • Powerlifting Workout

Boxing Fitness Routine

Run with weights (10 mins) – run round the block carrying two 3KG weights.


Super Circuit:

  • Skipping (60 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Pushups (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Situps (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Dips (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Jump Squats (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Reverse Flyes (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Forearms (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Boxer Twists (30 reps / 3 Sets)

Weight Training

Full Body Workout (Mon & Wed)

  • Chest – Benchpress or Incl Benchpress
  • Back – Romanian Deadlift, T-Bar Row or Single Arm DB Rows
  • Shoulders – Military Press, Upright Rowing or Lateral Raises
  • Biceps – Barbell Bicep Curl or Seated Dumbell Bicep Curl
  • Triceps – Dips or Tricep Pushdown
  • High Intensity Interval Training

Ill aim for 4 sets of 6 reps on most of these exercises.

Leg / Abs Workout (Fri)

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Calf Raises
  • Abs
  • High Intensity Interval Training

Ill aim for 4 sets of 6 reps on most of these exercises, other than abs.

Power Lifting Workout

  • Romanian Deadlift (4sets, 4 reps)
  • Benchpress (4 sets, 4 reps)
  • Dumbell Deadlift (4 sets, 4 reps)
  • Shrugs (4 sets, 4 reps)
  • Endurance Workouts for Arms & Shoulders.

Weekdays Meal Plan

  • Vitamins
  • Breakfast Smoothie
  • Protein Shake
  • Lunch: Lentils & Chili
  • Protein Shake
  • Supper: Chicken or Fish plus Veg

On weekends, I am not going to be as stringent. Ill probably eat egg and bacon, drink beer and laze about.