Introducing Shrinebuilder – American Doom Supergroup

Shrinebuilder is a doom metal super group featuring Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed) on guitar & vocals; Scott Kelly (Neurosis) on guitar & vocals, Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om) on bass & vocals and Dale Crover (Melvins) on drums.

Their debut album Shrinebuilder was recorded in three days and released in October 2009 on independent label Neurot Recordings. It consists of five tracks, spanning 39 minutes of doomful bliss.

This album has been a permanent feature of my playlist since my doom mentor Frederico ‘El Edukator’ Campos dropped me the YouTube link to Pyramid of the Moon two months back.

Rating: 8.5 / 10


Clubs with Open Mic Nights

My friend Duncan Greenwood asked me if I knew any places offering open mic nights in Cape Town. I identified Obs Cafe, Viper Lounge, The Melting Pot, Jolly Roger, Ragazzi & Papazzi Bar. Please drop any other  suggestions in the comments.

Venue When Where Phone Notes
Obs Café Wednesdays Obs 0214485555 By Pre Arrangement Only
Viper Lounge Wednesdays Glencairn
The Melting Pot Wednesdays Muizenberg 0217889791
Jolly Roger Sundays Plumstead 0217977272
Ragazzi Tuesdays Town 0839266736
Papazzi Bar (Pepper Club) Fridays Town 0218128826

Mr Crack Update: 21-11-12

Since my last update in May following our first performance at the Jolly Roger, we have played two gigs: One last minute thing again at the Jolly Roger around the 19th  of October and on 6th November at the Stoep & Swing in Glencairn. The Jolly gig was more of a glorified band practice, considering it was extremely under-attended and that we ended up playing for about 4 hours.  The Stoep gig, which we had been promoted for some time, went well.

In other news:

  • We now have about 12+ songs.
  • We also have some music (kinda) recorded and available at ReverbNation. More coming soon.
  • I also see we have 47 people that like us on Facebook.
  • We will likely be playing New Years Eve at the Stoep & Swing together with High Voltage.

Here are some photos from the Stoep Gig on Nov 6th:



Mr Crack’s first performance: Jolly Roger, 18th May 2012

Friday 18th May 2012 marked Mr Crack & The Plop Gobbler’s first live performance, as a support act for Greg Roux’s High Voltage: A Tribute to ACDC. The gig was held at the Jolly Roger in Plumstead and thanks to hours of promotion on the part of Greg, the venue was filled to capacity (approx 120 people?).

A bit about Mr Crack:

  • I play bass and do vocals; Ryan does guitar and vocals; and Ainz is on drums.
  • Ainz & I formed the band in Jan 2012 as a punk / humour / anything goes band with the emphasis on getting songs written quickly rather than agonizing of basslines and melodies and lyrics and all the bullshit that slows down the writing, recording and gigging processess
  • Ryan joined at our second practice on guitar / vocals and in a matter of ours we had two songs done and dusted; that’s Zombie Sluts & Major Dad. The first practice saw us covering Informer by Snow & Wonderful Life by Black.
  • Since formation, we have had about 7 practices, resulting in 7 songs, which we performed at the Roger.
  • Mr Crack himself records all of our rehearsals on video – see this YouTube channel.

The gig was a lot of fun. The sound was pretty shocking on stage. The High Voltage guys (Greg, Ainz, Ryan & Ian) were Awesome.

Here are some pics from the night (swiped from Lindsay Garnett’s FB album):

We plan to record 6 or 7 tracks to get on the web and use as a demo and then play for anyone who is willing to see us.













Rockin: Blues Town Sessions @ Mercury

When: 9 PM, 2nd & last Thursday of every month.

Cost: R 20

I checked it out with a buddy on the 12th Jan. Fucking rocking. Unlike typical Mercury upstairs, it is a sit down and sip your whiskey while patting your knee vibe. Akkedis provided the tunes with some potent female vox & Doc John (looking particularly Carlos Santana) made an appearance. Don’t get there too late.