My Garden – Jan 2012

I have a passion for growing veggies and herbs, which sparked when I first moved to Rusthof. I cant say I have been particularly successful. But I thoroughly enjoy it. I wanted to get my seasonal garden going at the start of summer. But – as usual – I have been extremely broke. So, thanks to some Christmas money, I was able to establish this garden in the week before the New Year. So, its about a month old now. Hopefully, I can save some do$h as a result.

(Above) Lemon tree, Herb & Chilies and Veggies.

(Above) My Herb / Pepper Patch:

Marigolds, Rocket, Elephant’s Ear, Coriander, Basil, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary, Rocket, Basil Mint, Mint, Chives, Gooseberries, Peppers (Green & Yellow) and Chilies.

(Above) My Veggie Patch:

Climbing Beans, Aubergine, Spinach, Swiss Shard, and Tomatoes (Rosa & Money Maker). 

(Above) My first attempt at Zucchinis.

(Above) Rocket

And the super spinach. Ok, this has been going for over a year…in the tire that is my compost heap.

I also have radishes and baby tomatoes not pictured above.

I haven’t grown much from seed this time. Hart Nursery in Ottery (my new favourite garden center) sells plugs at R1  each. So I bought a whack of those.