My Road Running Calendar for 2013

Me running in 1997
Back in 1997

So, Phil & I (and my dad, who is a seasoned athlete ) have completed two races this December: the Pollsmoor 10km (12/12) & the Tokai Manor House 16km (26/12). I also ran the Two Oceans Half earlier in 2012.

Feeling inspired, I have hand picked some race opportunities for 2013. 74 races are listed here – ideally, I would like to tackle at least 50% of these, especially the half marathons in preparation for running the Bay to Bay 30km in Jan 2014.Thereafter, I may be brave enough to consider doing a marathon.


Reds are 21K races; oranges are 15k’s; greens are 10k’s and blues are races out of Cape Town metro (petrol implication / opportunity to stay over).

I may have captured some of these race fixtures incorrectly. Feel free to leave a comment if you pick something up and I will update the calendar.


The above race schedule is embedded from Google Docs. Below is a non-Google doc version of the race schedule:
Month Date Race Distance Where Time Club
Jan 12 ASICS Hohenhort 15 Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road Alphen 06:00 Pinelands AC
Jan 23 Cape Summer Trail series 2 of 4 Constantia Greenbelt 19:00 Wildrunner
Jan 26 Old Mutual Fun Run Series 5.6 Alphen Hall, Steenberg 08:00 Acsis VOB
Jan 27 Kloof Nek Classic 21 km 21 Camps Bay High School 06:00 Fit 2000 WP
Feb 2 Lion of Africa 21 km 21 “Academy for Mathematics Sciene & Tegnology, Tokai” 06:00 Spartan Harriers AC
Feb 9 Top Form 10 km Road Race 10 Turfhall Park Stadium 07:00 Top Form AC
Feb 17 Cape Peninsula Half Marathon 21 Bergvliet to Simon’s Town 05:15 Celtic Harriers Club
Feb 23 Koeberg 15 km 15 Koeberg Nature Reserve 07:00 Eskom
Feb 27 Sunset Team Time Trail 4 x 3 Brick Quad outside CPT Stadium / Green Point 18:15 ATC Running
Mar 2 Century City 10 km Express 10 Central Park, Century City 07:00 Century City AC
Mar 3 The Cadiz Milkwood 21 Wildeschut Red Hill to Soetwater Recreation Area Kommetjie 07:30 Harfield Harriers
Mar 6 Lighthouse 10km 10 Green Point Lighthouse, Mouille Point 18:15 Atlantic AC
Mar 9 Constantia Village 15km 15 Constantia Sports Ground Constantia Main Road Alphen 06:15 Acsis VOB
Mar 16 McCarthy Toyota TVHS 10km 10 Table View High School, Janssens Ave, Table View 07:00
Mar 21 Tyger Run / Walk 21 km 21 Meerendal Wine Estate 06:30 Plexus Durbanville AC
Mar 23 Pro Sano Challenge 10 km 10 CPUT Campus Symphony Way, Bellville 07:00 Telkom AC
Mar 30 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 21 Main Road Newlands 06:00 Two Oceans Marathon Association
Apr 20 Langebaan Country Estate Weskus Half Marathon 21 West Coast National Park Langebaan 07:00 Langebaan Strandlopers
Apr 27 Ravensmead 15 km 15 Florida Park, Ravensmead 07:00 Ravensmead AC
May 1 Safari 21km 21 Wellington
May 4 Cross Country League 1 CC CPUT – Bellville South 12:00 Bonteheuwel
May 5 Asics X-Treme Montagu Mountain Mania 17km Avalon Springs Hotel, Montagu
May 5 UCT Memorial 10 km Road Race 10 Middle Campus, UCT 07:00 UCT
May 11 Cross Country League 2 CC TBA 12:00 Plexus Durbanville
May 12 The Jive Slave Route Challenge 21 Grand Parade, Cape Town 07:00 Lion of Africa Itheko Sport AC
May 19 Cross Country League 3 CC Elfindale 12:00 Top Form
May 25 Cross Country League 4 CC Swartklip Stadium 12:00 Khayelitsha
May 26 VWS Trail Run Trail Deer Park 07:00 VWS
Jun 1 UWC 10 km Fast & Flat 10 UWC Campus Modderdam Road Bellville 07:30 UWC
Jun 8 Cross Country League 5 CC Koeberg Nature Reserve 12:00 Eskom
Jun 8 Old Fisherman’s Trail Challenge Trail Hout Bay 07:00 n/a
Jun 9 Miles of Smiles Half Marathon 21 Robertson Winery, Robertson TBC
Jun 9 New Balance Table Mountain 16 km 16 Constantia Nek 08:00 Acsis VOB
Jun 15 Mamre 15 km 15 Mamre Primary School 08:00 Mamre AC
Jun 16 Napier Half Marathon 21 Napier High School, Napier
Jun 29 Spookhill 15 Beaumont Primary School, Somerset West 08:00 Helderberg Harriers
Jul 6 Knysna Forrest Half 21 TBC
Jul 13 Bastille Day Trail Trail Franschhoek 07:00 n/a
Jul 20 Leapfrog 21km 21 Main Road, Gordons Bay 07:30 Strand AC
Jul 21 Cross Country League 6 CC TBA 12:00 Atlantis
Jul 27 Hout Bay Trail Challenge Trail Hout Bay 07:00 n/a
Aug 3 Cross Country League 8 CC Pollsmoor 12:00 Correctional Services
Aug 3 Ceres Fruit Juices Mitchell’s Pass Half Marathon 21 Ceres TBC TBC
Aug 11 McKenna & Scott Pinelands 10 km Road Race 10 Lower Oval , Pinelands 07:30 Pinelands AC
Aug 17 WPA Cross Country Championship CC UWC Campus 08:00 WPA
Aug 24 Atlantis 21km 21 Westfleur Park, Atlantis 08:00 Atlantis Harris AC
Aug 31 ArcelorMittal Saldanha 21 km 21 SAS Saldanha Sports Field 08:00 ArcelorMittal AC
Aug 25h Blisters for bread Var Green Point 09:00 Top Events
Sep 1 Satori Camel Run 16 km 16 Noordhoek Sports Field 07:30 Satori AC
Sep 8 Tru-Cape Kogelberg Mountain Challenge 10 TBC
Sep 14 Beachcomber Race Against Crime 15 km 15 Strandfontein Sports Ground Spine Road 07:00 Stragglers AC
Sep 22 Cape Town Marathon 10 km 10 Adderley Street to Green Point Common Fields 06:30 WPA
Sep 24 Bainskloof Pass Half Marathon 21 Huguenot High Sports Field 06:00
Sep 28 C.T 5 X 5 km relays 5×5 Three Achor Bay 08:00 Hewat AC
Sep 29 C.T 21.1km Classic 21.1 Beach Rd, Sea Point 07:00 Hewat AC
Oct 6 Chappies Challenge 21km 21 Hout Bay Yacht Club 07:00 Hout Bay Athletic Club
Oct 13 Outsurance 94,5 Kfm Gun Run 21 km 21 Sea Point Promenade 07:00 Atlantic AC
Oct 20 Constantia Valley Grape Run 21km 21 Constantia Sports Ground Constantia Main Road Alphen 06:30 Acsis VOB
Oct 23 Sunset Team Time Trial 4 x 3 Brick Quad outside CPT Stadium / Green Point 18:15 ATC Running
Oct 26 First Ascent/ Sanparks Forest 15 km 15 Tokai Forest 06:30 Foresters AC
Oct 27 Don Lock Memorial Run 8 Brookside 07:00 Celtic Harriers Club
Oct 30 Old Mutual 10 km 10 Mutual Park Pinelands 18:20 Old Mutual AC
Nov 3 The Landmarks 21 km 21 WPCC Ave De Mist 06:00 WPCC AC
Nov 10 Cape Point 21 km 21 Cape Point 06:00 n/a
Nov 16 Winelands Half Marathon 21 Coetzenburg Sports Ground Stellenbosch 05:45 Helderberg Harriers
Nov 17 Winelands Trail Run 8 Coetzenburg Sports Ground Stellenbosch 06:30 Helderberg Harriers
Nov 20 Twilight Run 5 Founder’s Garden , Cape Town 19:30 Top Events
Nov 24 ACSA 10km 10 Cape Town Airport 07:00 ACSA
Nov 30 Burgundy Estate 10km 10 Burgundy Estate 07:00 Edgemead AC
Dec 7 Vital 21 km Run 21 Lourensford Wine Estate,Somerset West 06:30 Run / Walk for life AC
Dec 11 Correctional Services 10 km Night Race 10 Pollsmoor Correctional Facility Tokai 18:15 Correctional Service AC (WP)
Dec 14 AVBOB 15 km 15 Pick ‘n Pay Shopping Centre, Table View 06:00 Tygerberg Northlink AC
Dec 18 Growthpoint Properties Sundowner 10km 10 V & A Waterfront behind Table Bay Hotel 18:15 Easterns Athletic Club
Dec 26 Tokai Manor House 16 km 16 Chrysalis Academy Porter Estate Tokai Road Tokai 07:00 Southern Striders AC
Dec 31 Runner’s Memorial Race 8 km 8 Mouille Point Lighthouse Green Point 18:00 Edgemead AC


Work Christmas Party Review 2006

(This was written in Dec 2006)

James’ bike began to sway to and fro across the uneven dirt; those behind him could sense something was amiss, but were helpless as tragedy struck oh so quickly. Seconds before, our dirt path had shifted into dirt road – a long, roomy straight, flanked by vines….that allowed us to hit a little gas, taste a little dust and feel the beige wind through our hair.

Given that the terrain was ‘wine farm’, my immediate impression was of a watered-down driving experience with more tour than track, more PG 13 than a 2 – 21, more Kenny G than Chariots of Fire. To add to this, the pre-ride briefing, given by Johan – our young and well-to-do, trainee guide – preached no racing, no manual change of gears (as he conduct this on our behalf at the relevant stops), and above all else, safety.

The quad bike is easily controlled: Like any bike, the quad steers with a handlebar.

Your left hand controls the break, an age old device, used the world-over, for preventing an array of potential gravity and force related mishaps. And more importantly, your right controls the throttle, allowing you to accelerate and decelerate at will…integral for getting you from point A to point B. If one is merely sitting on the quad bike for show, with no intension of moving from point A to B, then this individual may be referred to as a Gaylord – thus illustrating the importance of the throttle.

It was just before lunch that we set out one by one in a linear fashion – led by our guide Johan and Quad Rides co-founder, Alexander.  Thankfully, the 30% chance of rain, predicated by the previous day’s weather broadcast, was made void by a bright, warm sun.  Although, let it be said, there is no shame in a bit of mud. It was either 1.5 hours of quad biking or a 20 minute helicopter flight. After the first 15 minutes, the MVI SA camp seemed satisfied with their decision.

James, also affectionately known as Steed for his love of horses, had decided to bring with him his digital camera; as self appointed photographer, he was keen on catching a few snaps of the beautiful and seductive landscapes of the centuries-old Dellrust wine estate – and of course, recording the days events in a visual manner for later perusal. Unfortunately James would have to exchange one of his functional limbs for camera duty. Now, a dilemma that most one-handed quad bikers face is: ‘which hand do I sacrifice?’ A fear of wanting to not seem Gaylord by choosing to forgo the throttle, the break is often a popular choice.

After a 15 minute warm-up across the meandering quad biking route, set in and amongst the vineyards, we hit a dusty, straight and wide path of a good couple of 100 meters. Riding in linear, here we fortunately got to burn a little gas – without having to race each other. But to the great shock and terror of those behind him, in rodeo fashion, we saw James begin to shift from the left of the road to right, and seconds later, the bike, ever so gracefully, tipping, and James doing a bungee without the bungee off into the dirt ahead – losing a handsome chunk of his skin in the process – but miraculously, keeping his R 4,500.00 camera in perfect tact. Unfortunately, James was taken back to depot to get patched up. Cameraman down, we felt obliged to continue in his honour.

The remainder of our quad biking adventure included three obstacle courses. The first was through was forest terrain where we overcame some gradual ditches and soil mounds and branches. The second obstacle course included a serious of steep hills, which we had to hit at some speed to ensure there was no rolling back – unfortunately no clutch control on these babies! The third, and final, obstacle course was a bit of an anti-climax after the former but incredible nonetheless. It saw us going down a ditchy hill, very slowly, at times balancing on two wheels – where, no matter how quad-savvy you are, it does feel as if you are going to topple. Contrary to popular belief and for the record, the MVI SA team did not stop and have a cup of tea with the forest people at any point throughout our quad biking experience.  All in all, quad biking gets serious thumbs up from the brave, handsome team of MVI SA.

Contrary to popular belief and for the record, the Dellrust Wine Estate is not only all about quad biking, but wine too. And food. And moonlit walks, basked in the farm fresh air with your loved one at your side (okay need to confirm that one before sending this off). Meeting up with James, who had meanwhile been chatting with Alexander on the grass, in what can only be referred to as a Top Billing moment, we decided to have lunch outdoors from the local restaurant. Beer, wine, and coffee – and a healthy dose of nicotine – were enjoyed by all as we ordered our starters which consisted of the two platters: the Country and the Vine, which consisted of rabbit food, little biscuits, cheese, dips, and small portions of pretty much anything else you would find on a deli menu. The little biscuits were the bomb.

Then it was onto the Wine Tasting, which lucky for us was included free in our quad biking package – and lucky for James, so were his bandages. In true style, we tasted each of the wines…you know, just to get the holistic view – so accurate comparisons can be made. We learnt that it doesn’t matter if you swallow the wine or not because the alcohol gets absorbed by your tongue regardless.  Much wine was bought by many; a popular choice being the R15 bottles of Rose (that tasted like strawberries) and the dumpy sized Jerepico dessert wine.

We returned to our table for lunch. Janine, the boss, made it clear that the company was paying but that we should not go overboard. Immediately, Brett’s head fell to his hands as he shed a tear – having to anesthetize his penchant for JC le Roux and Lobster Thermador and settle for a mushroom burger that was on special that day. James had one too – apparently it was delicious. Janine and Alison each had the recommended warm chicken salad which, unlike the ratios of most chicken salads, included generous helpings of chicken.