Introducing Shrinebuilder – American Doom Supergroup

Shrinebuilder is a doom metal super group featuring Scott “Wino” Weinrich (Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Obsessed) on guitar & vocals; Scott Kelly (Neurosis) on guitar & vocals, Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om) on bass & vocals and Dale Crover (Melvins) on drums.

Their debut album Shrinebuilder was recorded in three days and released in October 2009 on independent label Neurot Recordings. It consists of five tracks, spanning 39 minutes of doomful bliss.

This album has been a permanent feature of my playlist since my doom mentor Frederico ‘El Edukator’ Campos dropped me the YouTube link to Pyramid of the Moon two months back.

Rating: 8.5 / 10


The End of an Era

Mediatorr is 5 years old. I am proud of that. But the business is not healthy. Things were pumping along, but then our big Australian client pulled out a few weeks ago. For more than two years they were outsourcing to us. Things were going well. But when we least expected it – as it so often happens – they decided to pull out…and take the work onshore. 

We have had this sort of thing happen at least three times since our inception. Cash flow becomes strained. You start taking on shit jobs. Everything is desperate. It fucks with your head. It fucks you up.

In the first year, we ran the business off fumes. With little to no capital, all we had was some severance, UIF & savings + a healthy wad of optimism. This kept us in business long enough to secure a few small clients. And then with confidence we found some better ones, took on staff and went about our days. Consistently, we paid for our expenses out of the previous months earnings. We never really made enough to maintain a cash reserve or market ourselves, but somehow we always managed to keep afloat. 

Before we began, stress was fairy tale. I had breakdown earlier this year. I turned off my cellphone, Skype, email and lay in bed disillusioned: Why was I doing this to myself? Is it really worth it? I convinced myself that it was, stopped feeling sorry for myself and jumped back into the fire. 

Now, going back to why we started. I had read Robert Kiyosaki when I was 19. We were essentially part of the rat race, imprisoned in our cubicles, sending our souls up the production line. In 2008, the company we were working for took some blows and had to let people go. This included Phil & myself. So, inspired by the their failures, we decided to set up shop. We wanted out of the rat race. We wanted to make money and do it on our own terms.

Things haven’t exactly worked out that way. The challenges we have faced and lessons we have learned have fundamentally evolved us, forcing us to adopt critical depth and extreme levels of resilience. That is profit in a sense. But we haven’t – as of yet – profited in the sense that counts when you are running a business, making mulla. I think we were naive and we focused our energy in the wrong places…and continued to repeat the same mistakes.  Winston Churchill said: ‘Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.’ Perhaps this a lesson learned to late, but a lesson learnt the same.

Practically speaking, we are in a position where unless we pick up lots of work quickly (by end of January) , our operation will need to drastically downsize. Its inevitable that I will leave from operational duty (I have already been entertaining job offers). But its very important to me that the business soldiers on…I will support it strategically and financially from the outside world.

I think either way we look at it, its the end of an era and a time for new beginnings.

My favourite food: el lentejas

Look, chili poppers and salmon roses aside. The one meal that really does it for me is a big ol bowl of lenils.

When I was studying up up at UCT – living here, in Observatory, for the first time – like most students, I had fokall cash. Unlike most students,  I was also crazy about cooking. And to be fair, my monthly food budget of about R 300-R400, in those days, got me some quality ingredients to smack about the pan. But about 2/3rds of the way through each month, I would be on my arse having invested what little pocket change I had into my then affliction, Gandalfs. So, I would have this ready-steady-cook situation with whatever was hanging about the shelf, which typically included ingredients such lentils, eggs, gem squash, and chillies. Lentils were about R2 a packet back then, fueling several meals.

Fast forward 10 or so years later and lentils are permanently back on my menu. 


The truth is, as I discovered much later, that I cannot tolerate wheat. For the ignorant out there, that’s things like most breads and baked goods, pasta and products that use flour as a thickener – soups, sauces, etc.

Although I am continually trying to avoid wheat-based products, I cheat constantly and continually suffer the consequences. This comes in the form of lethargy, bloatedness, rash, among many others things. There is plenty of debate as to whether wheat is even a good choice for the tolerant folk out there. I would say not, as there is always the temptation to combine it with an insurmountable plethora of other rubbish as well as a number of other reasons that other, probably less hypocritical, people have taken the time to investigate and explain.

Anyway, long story short,  I have discovered that lentils are the most satisfying and healthiest alternative to wheat. IF and ONLY IF prepared correctly.  They are not as starchy as potatoes, as heavy as rice or as expensive as rye (non to mention the host of other non-wheat bread alternatives). Maize crackers are fine, but due to the intrinsically addictive and satisfyingly crunchy nature of crackers in general (think chips; think popcorn), I personally can chug back a packet in two sittings. I also love my fruit and veg, but alone, I do not find them filling or sustaining enough and I do not wanting to be thinking about my next meal every 20 seconds. The main points are that Lentils:

  • Keep me full
  • Don’t make me tired
  • Keep me regular
  • Taste good (to me, when prepared my way)
  • Cost bugger all

They are also a low fat source of protein, a damn side cheaper the protein shake.

Now, personally, I think the basic boiled lentils recipe – cooked in water, drained and onto the plate – tastes pretty shit. The raw bean taste is way too prominent. But I go with two methods. The first one is lentil burgers I mentioned in a previous post. (I since then discovered that split peas are quite high in calories, so go lite if that concerns you). The second is one is a sort of Lentil & Chilli Stew, I guess. Here’s how you roll:

  • Boil lentils until soft
  • Drain
  • Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pot
  • Add (tons of) chillies
  • Add (tons of) garlic
  • Add (ample) lemon juice
  • Add the lentils back
  • Add cayenne pepper, herbs, spices, salt, pepper, curry power, whatever
  • Cook and stir for a few minutes
  • Then attack the mixture with either a blender or potato masher until you have a consistent, thick paste
  • If you feel like something fresh: add avo or fresh tomato

To me, it tastes phenomenal and does wonders for the breathe (keep some Listerine handy).

I usually cook up about two bags worth at a time (+-R11 per bag), portion the into measures of about 1.5 cups, and freeze the suckers. Ill take the motherload to work and aim to chow about two portions each day.  It does entail a bit of defrosting, but it beats the mission to the shop to blow R 15 on two uninspired slices of bread. The two bags would give me about a weeks supply. It costs plus minus:

  • Lentils: +- R 22 for two bags
  • Garlic: Max R 11 (in my case Ill use an entire little tub)
  • Chillies: Max R 5
  • Lemon: Max R 3

This comes to about R 41. Divided by 10 meals, you are paying about four bucks per meal.



My Road Running Calendar for 2013

Me running in 1997
Back in 1997

So, Phil & I (and my dad, who is a seasoned athlete ) have completed two races this December: the Pollsmoor 10km (12/12) & the Tokai Manor House 16km (26/12). I also ran the Two Oceans Half earlier in 2012.

Feeling inspired, I have hand picked some race opportunities for 2013. 74 races are listed here – ideally, I would like to tackle at least 50% of these, especially the half marathons in preparation for running the Bay to Bay 30km in Jan 2014.Thereafter, I may be brave enough to consider doing a marathon.


Reds are 21K races; oranges are 15k’s; greens are 10k’s and blues are races out of Cape Town metro (petrol implication / opportunity to stay over).

I may have captured some of these race fixtures incorrectly. Feel free to leave a comment if you pick something up and I will update the calendar.


The above race schedule is embedded from Google Docs. Below is a non-Google doc version of the race schedule:
Month Date Race Distance Where Time Club
Jan 12 ASICS Hohenhort 15 Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road Alphen 06:00 Pinelands AC
Jan 23 Cape Summer Trail series 2 of 4 Constantia Greenbelt 19:00 Wildrunner
Jan 26 Old Mutual Fun Run Series 5.6 Alphen Hall, Steenberg 08:00 Acsis VOB
Jan 27 Kloof Nek Classic 21 km 21 Camps Bay High School 06:00 Fit 2000 WP
Feb 2 Lion of Africa 21 km 21 “Academy for Mathematics Sciene & Tegnology, Tokai” 06:00 Spartan Harriers AC
Feb 9 Top Form 10 km Road Race 10 Turfhall Park Stadium 07:00 Top Form AC
Feb 17 Cape Peninsula Half Marathon 21 Bergvliet to Simon’s Town 05:15 Celtic Harriers Club
Feb 23 Koeberg 15 km 15 Koeberg Nature Reserve 07:00 Eskom
Feb 27 Sunset Team Time Trail 4 x 3 Brick Quad outside CPT Stadium / Green Point 18:15 ATC Running
Mar 2 Century City 10 km Express 10 Central Park, Century City 07:00 Century City AC
Mar 3 The Cadiz Milkwood 21 Wildeschut Red Hill to Soetwater Recreation Area Kommetjie 07:30 Harfield Harriers
Mar 6 Lighthouse 10km 10 Green Point Lighthouse, Mouille Point 18:15 Atlantic AC
Mar 9 Constantia Village 15km 15 Constantia Sports Ground Constantia Main Road Alphen 06:15 Acsis VOB
Mar 16 McCarthy Toyota TVHS 10km 10 Table View High School, Janssens Ave, Table View 07:00
Mar 21 Tyger Run / Walk 21 km 21 Meerendal Wine Estate 06:30 Plexus Durbanville AC
Mar 23 Pro Sano Challenge 10 km 10 CPUT Campus Symphony Way, Bellville 07:00 Telkom AC
Mar 30 Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon 21 Main Road Newlands 06:00 Two Oceans Marathon Association
Apr 20 Langebaan Country Estate Weskus Half Marathon 21 West Coast National Park Langebaan 07:00 Langebaan Strandlopers
Apr 27 Ravensmead 15 km 15 Florida Park, Ravensmead 07:00 Ravensmead AC
May 1 Safari 21km 21 Wellington
May 4 Cross Country League 1 CC CPUT – Bellville South 12:00 Bonteheuwel
May 5 Asics X-Treme Montagu Mountain Mania 17km Avalon Springs Hotel, Montagu
May 5 UCT Memorial 10 km Road Race 10 Middle Campus, UCT 07:00 UCT
May 11 Cross Country League 2 CC TBA 12:00 Plexus Durbanville
May 12 The Jive Slave Route Challenge 21 Grand Parade, Cape Town 07:00 Lion of Africa Itheko Sport AC
May 19 Cross Country League 3 CC Elfindale 12:00 Top Form
May 25 Cross Country League 4 CC Swartklip Stadium 12:00 Khayelitsha
May 26 VWS Trail Run Trail Deer Park 07:00 VWS
Jun 1 UWC 10 km Fast & Flat 10 UWC Campus Modderdam Road Bellville 07:30 UWC
Jun 8 Cross Country League 5 CC Koeberg Nature Reserve 12:00 Eskom
Jun 8 Old Fisherman’s Trail Challenge Trail Hout Bay 07:00 n/a
Jun 9 Miles of Smiles Half Marathon 21 Robertson Winery, Robertson TBC
Jun 9 New Balance Table Mountain 16 km 16 Constantia Nek 08:00 Acsis VOB
Jun 15 Mamre 15 km 15 Mamre Primary School 08:00 Mamre AC
Jun 16 Napier Half Marathon 21 Napier High School, Napier
Jun 29 Spookhill 15 Beaumont Primary School, Somerset West 08:00 Helderberg Harriers
Jul 6 Knysna Forrest Half 21 TBC
Jul 13 Bastille Day Trail Trail Franschhoek 07:00 n/a
Jul 20 Leapfrog 21km 21 Main Road, Gordons Bay 07:30 Strand AC
Jul 21 Cross Country League 6 CC TBA 12:00 Atlantis
Jul 27 Hout Bay Trail Challenge Trail Hout Bay 07:00 n/a
Aug 3 Cross Country League 8 CC Pollsmoor 12:00 Correctional Services
Aug 3 Ceres Fruit Juices Mitchell’s Pass Half Marathon 21 Ceres TBC TBC
Aug 11 McKenna & Scott Pinelands 10 km Road Race 10 Lower Oval , Pinelands 07:30 Pinelands AC
Aug 17 WPA Cross Country Championship CC UWC Campus 08:00 WPA
Aug 24 Atlantis 21km 21 Westfleur Park, Atlantis 08:00 Atlantis Harris AC
Aug 31 ArcelorMittal Saldanha 21 km 21 SAS Saldanha Sports Field 08:00 ArcelorMittal AC
Aug 25h Blisters for bread Var Green Point 09:00 Top Events
Sep 1 Satori Camel Run 16 km 16 Noordhoek Sports Field 07:30 Satori AC
Sep 8 Tru-Cape Kogelberg Mountain Challenge 10 TBC
Sep 14 Beachcomber Race Against Crime 15 km 15 Strandfontein Sports Ground Spine Road 07:00 Stragglers AC
Sep 22 Cape Town Marathon 10 km 10 Adderley Street to Green Point Common Fields 06:30 WPA
Sep 24 Bainskloof Pass Half Marathon 21 Huguenot High Sports Field 06:00
Sep 28 C.T 5 X 5 km relays 5×5 Three Achor Bay 08:00 Hewat AC
Sep 29 C.T 21.1km Classic 21.1 Beach Rd, Sea Point 07:00 Hewat AC
Oct 6 Chappies Challenge 21km 21 Hout Bay Yacht Club 07:00 Hout Bay Athletic Club
Oct 13 Outsurance 94,5 Kfm Gun Run 21 km 21 Sea Point Promenade 07:00 Atlantic AC
Oct 20 Constantia Valley Grape Run 21km 21 Constantia Sports Ground Constantia Main Road Alphen 06:30 Acsis VOB
Oct 23 Sunset Team Time Trial 4 x 3 Brick Quad outside CPT Stadium / Green Point 18:15 ATC Running
Oct 26 First Ascent/ Sanparks Forest 15 km 15 Tokai Forest 06:30 Foresters AC
Oct 27 Don Lock Memorial Run 8 Brookside 07:00 Celtic Harriers Club
Oct 30 Old Mutual 10 km 10 Mutual Park Pinelands 18:20 Old Mutual AC
Nov 3 The Landmarks 21 km 21 WPCC Ave De Mist 06:00 WPCC AC
Nov 10 Cape Point 21 km 21 Cape Point 06:00 n/a
Nov 16 Winelands Half Marathon 21 Coetzenburg Sports Ground Stellenbosch 05:45 Helderberg Harriers
Nov 17 Winelands Trail Run 8 Coetzenburg Sports Ground Stellenbosch 06:30 Helderberg Harriers
Nov 20 Twilight Run 5 Founder’s Garden , Cape Town 19:30 Top Events
Nov 24 ACSA 10km 10 Cape Town Airport 07:00 ACSA
Nov 30 Burgundy Estate 10km 10 Burgundy Estate 07:00 Edgemead AC
Dec 7 Vital 21 km Run 21 Lourensford Wine Estate,Somerset West 06:30 Run / Walk for life AC
Dec 11 Correctional Services 10 km Night Race 10 Pollsmoor Correctional Facility Tokai 18:15 Correctional Service AC (WP)
Dec 14 AVBOB 15 km 15 Pick ‘n Pay Shopping Centre, Table View 06:00 Tygerberg Northlink AC
Dec 18 Growthpoint Properties Sundowner 10km 10 V & A Waterfront behind Table Bay Hotel 18:15 Easterns Athletic Club
Dec 26 Tokai Manor House 16 km 16 Chrysalis Academy Porter Estate Tokai Road Tokai 07:00 Southern Striders AC
Dec 31 Runner’s Memorial Race 8 km 8 Mouille Point Lighthouse Green Point 18:00 Edgemead AC


Clubs with Open Mic Nights

My friend Duncan Greenwood asked me if I knew any places offering open mic nights in Cape Town. I identified Obs Cafe, Viper Lounge, The Melting Pot, Jolly Roger, Ragazzi & Papazzi Bar. Please drop any other  suggestions in the comments.

Venue When Where Phone Notes
Obs Café Wednesdays Obs 0214485555 By Pre Arrangement Only
Viper Lounge Wednesdays Glencairn
The Melting Pot Wednesdays Muizenberg 0217889791
Jolly Roger Sundays Plumstead 0217977272
Ragazzi Tuesdays Town 0839266736
Papazzi Bar (Pepper Club) Fridays Town 0218128826

Mr Crack Update: 21-11-12

Since my last update in May following our first performance at the Jolly Roger, we have played two gigs: One last minute thing again at the Jolly Roger around the 19th  of October and on 6th November at the Stoep & Swing in Glencairn. The Jolly gig was more of a glorified band practice, considering it was extremely under-attended and that we ended up playing for about 4 hours.  The Stoep gig, which we had been promoted for some time, went well.

In other news:

  • We now have about 12+ songs.
  • We also have some music (kinda) recorded and available at ReverbNation. More coming soon.
  • I also see we have 47 people that like us on Facebook.
  • We will likely be playing New Years Eve at the Stoep & Swing together with High Voltage.

Here are some photos from the Stoep Gig on Nov 6th:



Lentil Burgers That Actually Kinda Taste Like Beef

Ok, enough stuffing about. Here it is:

  • Boil a mix of lentils (not the orange ones, which quickly turn mushy) and split peas – 45 minutes works
  • Drain mixture & mash it up real good into a paste
  • Add beef stock or beef soup or bovril or marmite (anything to hide the overt lentil taste)
  • Add peanut butter, seasoning, cayenne pepper & herbs
  • You can also add grated or blended vegetables if you like, such as onions or carrots
  • Cook in Microwave for 3 odd minutes – it should be a thick, malleable paste now
  • Form into burger shapes
  • Dust in flour (you can use any type of flour, wheat free etc)
  • Shallow fry for about 2 minutes each side, preferably in olive oil

My primary motivation for this dish is cost savings (my fridge was empty, I was broke & all I had was lentils and peanut butter). Its extremely cheap to make a lot of it and it tastes good. AND its healthy – crazy.

An alternative to frying them is to put them in the oven on the grill.

My Big Ol Box a Lenils 


ASP.Net Developers Needed

My overseas client is looking for an ASP.Net developer. The basis is yet to be confirmed.

The ideal candidate will have:

* Experience in ASP.Net MVC 2. MVC 3
* Experience developing web based applications utilising ASP.Net and C#.
* Experience/ exposure with .Net v4.0
* Skills in HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery.
* Strong knowledge of SQL Server and stored procedures.

Please send your CV along with a short description of your experience to me at the contact details on


Mr Crack’s first performance: Jolly Roger, 18th May 2012

Friday 18th May 2012 marked Mr Crack & The Plop Gobbler’s first live performance, as a support act for Greg Roux’s High Voltage: A Tribute to ACDC. The gig was held at the Jolly Roger in Plumstead and thanks to hours of promotion on the part of Greg, the venue was filled to capacity (approx 120 people?).

A bit about Mr Crack:

  • I play bass and do vocals; Ryan does guitar and vocals; and Ainz is on drums.
  • Ainz & I formed the band in Jan 2012 as a punk / humour / anything goes band with the emphasis on getting songs written quickly rather than agonizing of basslines and melodies and lyrics and all the bullshit that slows down the writing, recording and gigging processess
  • Ryan joined at our second practice on guitar / vocals and in a matter of ours we had two songs done and dusted; that’s Zombie Sluts & Major Dad. The first practice saw us covering Informer by Snow & Wonderful Life by Black.
  • Since formation, we have had about 7 practices, resulting in 7 songs, which we performed at the Roger.
  • Mr Crack himself records all of our rehearsals on video – see this YouTube channel.

The gig was a lot of fun. The sound was pretty shocking on stage. The High Voltage guys (Greg, Ainz, Ryan & Ian) were Awesome.

Here are some pics from the night (swiped from Lindsay Garnett’s FB album):

We plan to record 6 or 7 tracks to get on the web and use as a demo and then play for anyone who is willing to see us.













Out (of pocket) surance – they always get something out

So today I bought a car for R 34k – a Toyota Tazz, 2001, 1.3, in great condition. Yesteday, I was doing some insurance premium / excess quote research and started off with Outsurance, as my girlfriend has been with them for two years now.

I phoned the call centre. Within 30 seconds, I was received by  guy who eagerly proceeded to take me through the long-winded “get a quote” Q&A. It didn’t help that he kept saying “do you understand” at the end of each sentence, and then speedily rapping into the next line like those American commercials with the x, y & zee sold separately; terms and conditions apply. To which I found myself repeatedly replying, “No, I don’t. Please explain”.

The quote came to R 500 or R 600 (or somewhere in between) per month premium with an excess of R 7500 to R 9000 (remember the car is worth R 34k) or R 780 per month premium with an excess of just over R 3k.

I was shaken. He said it was because while using my girlfriend’s car I had been involved in accidents. (So, a lady drove into my girlfriend’s parked car in January; outsurance admitted it was the ladies fault. But I was using it at the time and I get the black mark [even though it’s on Nadine’s policy] & then there was another situation with a burst tire prior to that.)

Shocked: I said the deal does not make any sense. For a car worth R 34k. Seriously?

He then referred me to another option: Simply, its third party insurance (with theft + fire) that he disguised to sound like comprehensive. Trying to get me to buy in on something, he said something like: well if you crash into a tree or something you will have to pay for that. But otherwise, you would be pretty sorted on this option bla bla bla.

I told him I’d call him back in a few minutes. I gathered my thoughts, dialed and gave him my answer: No!

Then Mr mightier than thou, upon realising he had wasted his own time as much as mine, has the audacity to part with a little gem to the affect of: “no one will give you insurance for under R 500 per month with your record”.

Well buddy, I just got:

– full comprehensive for R 275 per month;

– retail payout should damages exceed +-R 34k (Outsurance does market value I am told);

– and a min excess of R 1500.00 or 5% of claim (third party / theft covered in full).

So now my girlfriend has cancelled her Outsurance policy and moved to my new insurer. I told the story to my co-workers and a several are keen on changing and even some of my girlfriend’s co-workers are considering moving too – all away from outsurance.

So, contact me if you would like me to refer you to an awesome insurer (who have handled my other insurance matters for some time now; and who have always made claiming easy and stress-free) and you will find yourself actually getting something out for a change.  My email address is ant [at]

I am campaigning.



Two Oceans Half Marathon

So, I had planned to train for this damn thing (my second Two Oceans half). It was part of my whole get fit for 2012 – lose the fat, get strong and look fabulous – model. Which up until the race day wasn’t really happening full throttle. Boxing at Redemption with Esof was happening twice a week, but that was about it. And I probably did about 3 or 4 training runs in total for the two months prior to the race day.

Running has always been part of my life, due largely to my Dad’s influence. He has numerous ultra marathons, marathons and 21k’s since he started running at 40. I did my first 15k race when I was 13 and have competed at regional levels in cross country and middle distance athletics. A pic from back then:

But that was then; 30 kilograms ago.

So, on all accounts, I was doomed. It was wet & cold, crowded and cramps were abound. But, somehow, I made it. With 6 minutes to spare.

I would like to tackle another 21k and some 15s this year. Lets see how it goes.

A pic from 4am on race morning:

I am not proud of this pic, but I have since lost 7kg’s and therefore am looking slightly less ninja turtle face these days.




Hello Peter Complaint: Computer Repair Technologies CRT

It seems the customer is always wrong with CRT.

My laptop stopped working. I took it in to CRT to have it assessed. And to get a quote for my insurance. It turned out the motherboard needed to be replaced. They did this. I collected the laptop last week. Upon returning to the office, we noticed the hard drive cover was missing. Upon switching it on, we realised that keyboard was not working. Furthermore, several screws were missing from under the keyboard as well as several mismatching screws elsewhere. Prior to this service, I have never had a technician work on the laptop since purchasing it. I have called twice. They claim I brought it in without hard drive cover – not true. They claim the mismatching screws were their already. And I received no explanation or apology for keyboard (I had to have this fixed, at my own expense by someone from work).
Aside from the above, dealing with CRT was a nightmare. I was promised call backs that never occurred. I chased a simple report for a week. I had to fight tooth and nail to get any information (to the point of upsetting one of the staff).
My advice to anyone reading: stay far far away from this company.

2012 Training Regime

Since my teens, my weight has fluctuated. Throughout my adult life, I have been overweight, largely due to a potent appetite and erratic meal times,  an inconsistent exercise routine and of course, lots and lots of beer. Despite all this, I have always been into fitness – long distance running (10, 15 and 21k races), weight lifting and more recently boxing.

In 2012, I want to take things to the next level. I am 30 next year. I am running my 3rd Two Ocean Half Marathon in April this year. And if I don’t keep fit, boxing class will cripple me.

This training routine was formulated to provide a fitness base for boxing and long distance running as well as to accelerate weight loss and strength gain. It runs hand in hand with a meal plan that I will outline at the end.

Weekly Training Breakdown

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

  • 5 AM: Boxing Fitness
  • 1 PM: 5KM Run
  • 6PM: Weight Training

Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • 5 AM: Boxing Fitness
  • 6PM: Boxing Class (Redemption)


  • Powerlifting Workout

Boxing Fitness Routine

Run with weights (10 mins) – run round the block carrying two 3KG weights.


Super Circuit:

  • Skipping (60 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Pushups (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Situps (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Dips (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Jump Squats (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Reverse Flyes (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Forearms (30 reps / 3 Sets)
  • Boxer Twists (30 reps / 3 Sets)

Weight Training

Full Body Workout (Mon & Wed)

  • Chest – Benchpress or Incl Benchpress
  • Back – Romanian Deadlift, T-Bar Row or Single Arm DB Rows
  • Shoulders – Military Press, Upright Rowing or Lateral Raises
  • Biceps – Barbell Bicep Curl or Seated Dumbell Bicep Curl
  • Triceps – Dips or Tricep Pushdown
  • High Intensity Interval Training

Ill aim for 4 sets of 6 reps on most of these exercises.

Leg / Abs Workout (Fri)

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Calf Raises
  • Abs
  • High Intensity Interval Training

Ill aim for 4 sets of 6 reps on most of these exercises, other than abs.

Power Lifting Workout

  • Romanian Deadlift (4sets, 4 reps)
  • Benchpress (4 sets, 4 reps)
  • Dumbell Deadlift (4 sets, 4 reps)
  • Shrugs (4 sets, 4 reps)
  • Endurance Workouts for Arms & Shoulders.

Weekdays Meal Plan

  • Vitamins
  • Breakfast Smoothie
  • Protein Shake
  • Lunch: Lentils & Chili
  • Protein Shake
  • Supper: Chicken or Fish plus Veg

On weekends, I am not going to be as stringent. Ill probably eat egg and bacon, drink beer and laze about.


Rockin: Blues Town Sessions @ Mercury

When: 9 PM, 2nd & last Thursday of every month.

Cost: R 20

I checked it out with a buddy on the 12th Jan. Fucking rocking. Unlike typical Mercury upstairs, it is a sit down and sip your whiskey while patting your knee vibe. Akkedis provided the tunes with some potent female vox & Doc John (looking particularly Carlos Santana) made an appearance. Don’t get there too late.